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Owner Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How much do you charge for management?

    A: We charge a percentage of the monthly gross scheduled rents and a flat fee to fill a vacancy. Please call us for details.
  • Q: I only need a vacancy filled. Can you do this for me?

    A: Yes. Our fee is one month’s rent to show the vacancy, screen prospective tenants, run credit reports, prepare move in inspection reports, prepare the lease agreement, and collect first month’s rent and security deposit.
  • Q: I live out of state. Can you deposit my monthly income directly into my bank account?

    A: Yes. We have several clients that own properties here and live either out of state or abroad.
  • Q: Do you have references?

    A: Yes. We have excellent references from long term clients. References are available upon request.
  • Q: Tell me how you prepare your client financial statements?

    A: We use a CPA firm to prepare all client financial statements and to distribute their monthly income. They also prepare client year-end statements and tax forms. All client statements include copies of any property bills we are asked to pay on the client’s behalf, such as utilities, insurance, property taxes, etc.
  • Q: Can you help me evict a tenant?

    A: We will prepare and serve the required legal notices. If the tenant still does not comply with the demands stated on the notice,, we would then refer you to an eviction attorney.
  • Q: What makes you different from other Property Management companies?

    A: We are are a mid-sized firm and focus on quality, not quantity. Our clients will tell you that we are actively involved in the day to day management of their properties. We use only licensed contractors to perform maintenance and repairs. We are endorsed by the Apartment Owners Association of Southern California. We have excellent references from clients that have been with us for over 20 years. Parkside client financial statements, distributions, and year-end tax forms, are all prepared by a certified public accounting firm.
  • Q: How does the FICO scoring system work?

    A: FICO’s rating system measures credit by applying a score based on the information provided by the applicant.

    300-629.....bad credit
    630-689 ....fair credit
    690-719......good credit
    720-850......excellent credit.
  • Q: Security Deposit Holding Agreement

    Withdrawal or Failure by Applicant to Execute Lease Agreement

    In reliance upon the subject Application, and Applicant’s representations contained herein, Landlord May take the apartment off the market while Landlord evaluates and makes a decision on whether to approve or disapprove the subject Application.

    Approved Applicants are required to submit a security deposit within 48 hours of approval. In the event the Application is withdrawn or cancelled by Applicant at any time hereinafter, or of Landlord approves the subject Application and Applicant then fails or refuses to promptly thereafter enter into a written lease agreement, then a portion of the Applicants security deposit equal to fifty percent (50%) shall be retained by the Landlord as LIQUIDATED DAMAGES.

    The parties hereto have no further obligation to one another, it being understood and agreed that the provisions of California Civil Code Section 1671 (c) and (d) are applicable in that, under the circumstances herein, it would be impractical or extremely difficult to fix the actual damage caused to Landlord by the conduct of the Applicant.

    I Agree (Applicant MUST check all “I agree” boxes on the site before the system will allow the application to appear on the screen.
  • Q: During the application process, do you accept offers to pay rent in advance of the due date?