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About Us

Parkside Property Management is owned and operated by Zachary Lawrence JD, a licensed realtor with over 20 years experience in the management business. Zac is also a landlord. We specialize in managing multi unit residential apartment buildings with 4 or more units. We are very selective of the properties we manage. Our business model is based on quality, not quantity. Our clients, both domestic and international, include estate lawyers, investment bankers, Firemen, Sheriff’s and retirees. Their properties are well maintained. Their tenants pay rent on time. Their CPA— prepared financial statements are delivered monthly, accurately and timely. We have clients who have been with us for over 20 years.

Zachary Lawrence JD » Owner
Zachary Lawrence JD is a license broker and is a regular contributor of informative articles to the Apartment Owners Association (AOA) monthly magazine. Zac also produces a podcast called “Landlord—Tenant Radio” as well as instructional videos for Landlords, such as the popular DVD “How to Beat Rent Control".

Parkside also produces a reality— based tv show called “Rent Rage". All of the articles, podcasts and videos mentioned herein are available on this website.

The properties we manage are located primarily in the greater Los Angeles area. We also manage properties in the South Bay, Playa Del Rey, Marina Del Rey, and Culver City.