Happy Parkside Clients

“I’ve been with Parkside for 15 years. My properties are cared for and profitable. My tenants are happy...and so am I. Thank you Zac” Marilyn O.- Investment Banker, Playa Del Ray, CA

“I am a trustee of a multi-unit property in Los Angeles. Zachary Lawrence has demonstrated time and again his expertise in the area of landlord-tenant law. His management skills are indeed superior. Thank you Zac”. Peter F.- Attorney, Beverly Hills, CA

“I’ve been with Parkside for over a decade. My financial statements arrive like clockwork. My tenants are happy and so am I! Keep up the good work Zac!” Robert G- Fire Captain, retired, Manhattan Beach, CA

Welcome to Parkside Property Management

Providing outstanding property management to landlords since 1987.

Here are just a few reasons that we are endorsed by landlords and the
Apartment Owners Association of Southern California:

- CPA-prepared monthly financial statements.
- Licensed contractors performing 24-7 tenant maintenance.
- Producer of "Landlord-Tenant Radio" with attorney Dennis P. Block.
- Landlord Consultation Services.

Your property will always receive the personal attention it deserves.


Zachary Lawrence JD,
Parkside Property Management
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